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A Book about "Noráci" in Progress. Do We Have All the Materials?


During the summer holidays we are preparing a book about "Noráci" called Sent to the North. Czechs for forced labor in Norway during World War II, which will be published in the autumn of 2021. In more than 200 pages, we describe in nine chapters the story of forced deployment to Norway - from occupation, waiting in German transit camps, to a trip across the sea and divisions to companies. Furthermore, working conditions and desertions on vacation and escapes to Sweden, to the post-war home repatriation. We also mention coexistence with the Norwegian population and also contacts with other foreign workers or Soviet prisoners. There is also the fact that they remembered their stay in Norway after the war and organized common meetings. The text is accompanied by rich photographic and period material.

The author's pair dr. Vendula V. Hingarová and dr. Zdenko Maršálek working on the text of the publication.

Without materials and information from the descendants of the Norááci, however, the book would not have been created to such an extent. For each picture and information we find in e-mails, diaries and period correspondence, we realize how exceptional our cooperation with offspring is. Thanks again for your help and for keeping the materials at home!

A challenge for those who are still searching for materials: contact us as soon as possible. The last materials can be included in the book during August.

In September, we submit the manuscript to the Pavel Mervart Publishing House (Červený Kostelec), which will prepare the publication for publication.

If everything goes according to plan, we will introduce the publication to you in November 2021.


We consult with our Norwegian colleagues from the University of Trondheim about the information in the upcoming book and the selection of pictures. Due to the pandemic situation, the possibilities of international cooperation are limited, which we try to replace at least with online video conferencing. Here is a picture from our last pre-holiday meeting.

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