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Construction of a Railway in Mosjøen in the Estate of Karel Pekař from Bradáčov near Tábor


In mid-October 2021, we received photos from Karel Pekař's grandnephew. The great-uncle was childless, and his extensive family left a photograph of Norway in the cottage inhabited by his nephew Lumír after his death. He responded to a letter we sent to the war address in the spring.

Karel Pekař was deployed behind the Arctic Circle in Mosjøen County and was assigned to Arge Stallmann. Another 90 Czechs worked with him in this company.

The photographic collection documents in detail the workplace in central Norway, the work on the northern railway, the so-called Nordlandsbanen, as well as auxiliary forestry work in the mountains. The picture shows that they got to Bodø.

The collection contains a number of portraits of other Czech workers. At the beginning of their stay, they visited a local photographer in Mosjøen, who created portrait photographs for Czech workers in the uniform of the Organisaton Todt. It is good to add that the workers were handed out the fur hats in Berlin and sewed a red and white ribbon on their own. This set them apart from other Todt foreign workers.

We thank Mr. Jeník for his warm welcome and willingness to share photos on this website as well.

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