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Documents of "Noráci" handed over for research


In March 2021 - the last day before the lockdown - Mrs. Švecová in Havlíčkův Brod handed over to our team the documents of the Temporary Secretariat of "Noráci", which she kept in the estate of her husband. Mr. Ivan Švec, although himself a generation younger, organized meetings of former workers forcibly deployed in Norway in 1995–2005. He kept a detailed archive of all correspondence with Noráci and materials from the organization of events. In 2019, Mr. Švec and I managed to see each other twice (see report). However, in the autumn of the same year, Mr. Švec died. His writings arrived at Charles University, thank you Mrs. Švecová for handing them over!


The documents include a total of four files of correspondence and one box of other materials.

These materials are:

  • correspondence with meeting participants
  • memories of the deployed and period photographs (about 30 pcs)
  • newspaper articles from the local press about those deployed in Norway and about gatherings of "Noráci"
  • diplomas and promotional materials for meetings
  • supporting documents for the statement of expenditure
  • agenda for organizing meetings
  • Correspondence with the institutions: Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, Union of Forced Deployers, compensation requests information
  • photo documentation of meetings
  • lists of participants in meetings, including deceased friends

After studying, we will hand over these documents to the National Archive in Prague.

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