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Jaroslav Ševčík's Photo Album from the deployment in Alta, Repatriation and Portraits of Friends


Jaroslav Ševčík's grandson contacted us in the summer of 2021 and offered us his grandfather's photo album for research. Jaroslav Ševčík was deployed in the Alta, 200 km from the northern border with Finland, at the Hamburg company Ohlendorff'sche Baugesellschaft, together with twenty Czechs.

When the album was handed over, his grandson Petr said that he did not have much information about his grandfather's deployment in Norway. No one in the family who remembers anything is alive today, so he search in the archives.

The preserved and well-preserved album tells a lot about the work of Czechs in Alta, illustrates the relationships in the workplace and beyond, as well as documents the strong friendship between Czech friends.

Photographs from the period after the surrender are also unique, when the Czechs spent their free time exploring the beautiful surroundings and in company with Norwegian girls. Unique are pictures from the detention camp in Bardufoss, where Czech workers were also visited by Czechoslovak repatriation officers who came from Britain in June, as well as pictures from the repatriation process, for example boarding the repatriation ship Spree, which transported the largest number of Czechoslovaks at the end of August 1945 from Oslo to Bremen.

We received some of the pictures from Mr. Ševčík's grandson earlier by e-mail and used them at the Sent to the North exhibition. Now we have been able to scan all the images in high quality and with the consent of Mr. Ševčík's grandson we are publishing them here for you as well. We will also use another one in the forthcoming publication Sent to the North, which will be published with a slight delay in the spring of 2022.

(Legacy after Jaroslav Ševčík, Nový Bor).

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