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New Biographical Stories of the Deployed. We Thank the Descendants for Their Cooperation.


During May 2021, we sent another 80 letters to the then military and later addresses. We heard over 15 offspring. Thank you for your information, materials, photos and interest!

As part of our cooperation with the descendants of those deployed, dozens of new biographical stories of the forced labourer in Norway were created. It's great that they call and write to us - sons and daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and other relatives. Families connect and look for shards of their relative's life in Norway.

Here we bring the results of cooperation with offspring.

Biographical stories:

Václav Vlach (* 1921 - † 1996) deployed in Trondheim. Unfortunately, his dream of looking to Norway after the Velvet Revolution did not come true.

Josef Touška (* 1921 - † 1996) worked in Kirkenes as a tailor, and with the money he earned from Norway he bought a house on the border after the war.

Václav Houska (* 1921 - † 1998) deployed in central Norway, fled to Sweden. Medallion published at the request of his grandson on the day of his late grandfather's hundredth birthday.

Zdeněk Opl (* 1922 - † 1987) deployed in Tronheim, then at the Brettingen fortress, then in Hattfjelldal. For health reasons, he managed to get out of work for the Empire at the end of the war.

Antonín Ševčík (* 1921 - † 2002) deployed in the northernmost part of Norway near the border with Finland.

Lošťák Jaroslav (* 1922 - † 2001) did not return to Norway from vacation and was tried at a military court in Berlin.

Jaromír Rabušic (* 1921 - † 2003) sent to the northernmost part of Norway to Alta to the German company Gebr. von der Wettern, where he worked with several other Czechoslovaks as a tailor.

František Halačka (* 1921 - † 2007) butcher, he was retrained as a chef by the Todt organization and got to Kirkenes and Skigapura, Finland, where he cooked in a field kitchen for German soldiers. It is not registered in our database..

Josef Knap (* 1922 - † 2010) deployed in the northernmost part of Norway near the border with Finland. He brought home Lapland slippers, and the family still keeps them.


we prepare:

František Šac: deployed in central Norway to build a railway line. His suitcase has been exhibited at the Norwegian Bloody Road Museum (Blodveimuseet). In this area, thousands of Russian prisoners of war deployed to build the railway died.



Thanks to families for their willingness to share a family story!

For our team: Vendula V. Hingarová

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