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Norwegian Dissertation Thesis on Forced Labor (Including Czechoslovaks) in Norway


In October 2015, Gunnar D. Hatlehol defended his doctoral dissertation "Norwegeneinsatz 1940-1945. Organization Todt's workers in Norway and the degrees of coercion" at NTNU. It received a very good rating from the committee and was the end result of over three years of work, where much was based on archival studies in Norway, Sweden and Germany. The dissertation was the first comprehensive presentation of the workforce that Organization Todt used in Norway. In the meantime, Gunnar has visited new archives and is now working on a comprehensive book that will address all of Germany's prisoners and forced laborers in Norway during the war.

One of the chapters in the book deals with the Czechs. Although he has already dug up quite a bit of documentation about the Czech forced laborers, he hopes to find even more. Because Gunnar wants to make a Norwegian audience better acquainted with the men who called themselves Noráci, he will therefore be happy if someone out there will make him aware of unknown stories about the Czech forced laborers.

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