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Pictures from the Life of Forced Labourers in Trondheim, 1942-1945


On May 6, 2021, we began a 10-day trip to 10 families of witnesses who responded to our call for materials from Norway. The first visit took place with Mr. Antonín Marek in Vraný nad Vltavou.

Mr. Marek found old photographs in the shed of his father's total commitment in Trondheim. He was assigned to the largest employer of forced Czechoslovaks, the company Sager und Woerner. He worked in Trondheim for almost three years.

He did not return home until September 1945. His sister and mother, who had had no news about him for a long time, thought that he would not return from the war and had him declared missing and rewrote the family property. Mr. Marek went to the Sudetenland to start a new life.

Here we select photos of Czechoslovaks from Trondheim, their Norwegian friends, as well as pictures from the work environment and leisure activities.

The photos originally come from the archives of Mr. Antonín Marek, son, Vraná nad Vltavou. Thank you for lending them.

We plan to scan them as well, but only in the upcoming publication about Norwegians, which should be published in autumn 2021.

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