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Pictures from the Sámi Areas in the Estates of Czech Forced Laboures


On the occasion of Sámi National Day, we publish war images from the Sámi regions in northern Norway. From several estates, we received images documenting the local Sámi from the vicinity of Alta, Karasjok and Kautokein.

The images come from private family estates in the Czech Republic, which are only now - 80 years after their creation, falling into the hands of researchers.

We consider it important that these images reach the current inhabitants of these areas. At the end of the war, northern Norway was almost razed to the ground and the local population was evacuated. It is possible that the preserved images, taken by amateur photographers from the ranks of the Czech Republic, may help to clarify fragments from the life of that time.

The pictures document, for example, a Sámi wedding, local dwellings, children playing and reindeer herders, as well as random passers-by.

We would like to return these images, at least in this form, to the places where they were taken 80 years ago.

The Sámi National Day falls on 6 February and commemorates the remarkable culture and heritage of the Sámi, who have inhabited the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula since time immemorial.

We believe that the pictures will bring the same joy to the people of Sápmi as they did to us in finding them.


Happy Sámi National Day!

Lihkku beivviin!


The pictures are from the estate of Jar. Malý, Jar. Buchtík, Josef Knap, Karel Voškeruš and Ant. Ševčík.

Thanks to the descendants for allowing these images to be published on this portal.

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