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Story of Jan Novotný


We know the story of Mr. Novotný thanks to his travel diary which was recently recovered at his family. He was born in 1923 at Nový Kostelec at the town Tábor. He was selected to be forcibly displaced by the Protectorate authorities in July 1942. His journey started to a labour camp in Berlin.

On Friday November 27th I was informed that on Monday we would go to Norway. Our moods went all down.

Mr. Novotný arrived in a group of Czech young men to Mid-Norway to Trondheim where he assisted in the kitchen at the labour camp and at the harbour as a worker.

Christmas Eve 1942:

„ At 6 o‘ clock in the evening we went everybody to the decorated canteen and there we were all served a nice supper and instead of tea we got wine and cakes. Afterwards we sang Christmas carols and the camp warden,  cook and others gave speeches.  At 9 we had to go back to our room  and there we sang our national anthem. Then Jarda P. gave a short but

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