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Sources in Norwegian Archives


In Norway, there is a good part of documentation about the so called Czech Noráci. The vast majority of the papers are stored at the National Archives and then in the Organization Todt archive (RAFA-2188), which comprises almost 450 shelf meters. Here is an archive box with the designation E3e L0013, where Organization Todt's correspondence about the Czech workers is gathered. In addition, there are index cards of all 1300 Czechs in two archive boxes, with the archive references O7 L0042 and O7 L0043. These are the main sources. The Organization Todt archive is large, but not as well organized. Therefore, there may still be more material about the Czechs that we have not yet discovered in this archive, because in that case it is a little bit scattered.

A good number of papers also document the repatriation of the Czechs in Norway, which was carried out quickly during the summer of 1945. These materials can be found in other archives at the National Archives, in the Flyktnings- og fangedirektoratet, Direktoratets forløpere på sentralt hold (S-1682), Da, L0001, i Flyktnings- og fangedirektoratet, Repatrieringskontoret (S-1681), Db, L0008 og i Den norske militærmisjon (RAFA-3988), D, L0020a. We expect that it will also be possible to find some documents about this repatriation in the archives of Norway Resistance Museum (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum).

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