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Where Are Noráci Mentioned? (Part Three).


We bring you an overview of media reports about the Noráci project, to which the main and local media such as Czech Television, Mladá fronta and servers and Aktualně.cz paid attention. We are glad that the descendants, who connect with us and provide other valuable information and materials for research, learn about the project in this way as well.


18. 1. 2022 Czech Radio Pilsen, show Good morning

Reportage for the exhibition sent to the North in the Study Library in Pilsen.



14. 1. 2022: Mladá Fronta Dnes / supplement Pilsen Region

article: "They tell the stories of the forced labourers"

Whole article


9. 1. 2022 server
"The Scientific Library in Pilsen has prepared an exhibition on deployed Czechs in Norway"



2. 1. 2022 server: Aktuálně.cz, article with photo gallery of 104 images

"Sent to the north. Unique photos of Czechs who were forcibly deployed in Norway"



27. 12. 2021 Blanenský dení

"They built roads and fortifications for the Nazis. They deployed workers from southern Moravia in Norway"



14. 12. 2021 Czech Television / The News / 20: 00

The article on ČT 24: "Norwegians built railways and fortifications for the Nazis. Stories of forced Czechoslovaks in Norway come to life"


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