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Where are Noráci Mentioned? (Part Two)


We bring you a summary of media reports and articles that refers to Noráci. This part follows the contribution No. 1 and summarizes the period August to October 2021.

October 2021 / 19. 10./ Radio Prague International, the English broadcast of Czech Radio, published a report about deployed Czechs in Norway: ‘Noráci project traces fate of Czech men forcibly deployed in Norway during WWII".

The report aroused interest on Facebook Radio Prague.

September 2021

Magazine: Living History (Živá historie), No. 10, article From the Protectorate to the Arctic ("Z Protektorátu do Arktidy"), pp. 34–38.

22.9. 2021

UK-Forum, Charles University Magazine, Article Noráci recall unknown stories of Czechs during the war (in czech)

14. 9. 2021

Online press Aktuálně.cz brought a contribution in the Domestic section about the exhibition Sent to the North ("Posláni na Sever") with an extensive photo gallery (116 photos). Link here (in czech).

9.9. 2021 Arctic Festival: Days of Czech Science, Acropolis Palace.

Lecture by dr. Vendula V. Hingarová: Czechs in the Norwegian Arctic


A contribution on the Diku website entitled From Bohemia to Belevag: Czech-Norwegian cooperation on forced labor of Czechs in Norway during the Second World War (in Norwegian)

The Norwegian Coordination Office for International Cooperation (DIKU) for Norwegian educational institutions has published an interview with our Norwegian partner prof. Hans Otto Frøland, who talks extensively about international cooperation on the Norwegian project.

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