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Person Database

The person database of Czech forced labours in Norway during the Second World War contains 1366 names. The data are taken from the German card index of foreign forced labours in Norway deposit at the National Archive in Oslo.

Because the card file are written in German language, most of the Czech names and local names are Germanized (for example Czech first name Václav can be spelled as Vaclav, Wensel, Wenzel and Wenzl; last name Novák like Novak or Nowak). The database keep the German spelling by Last and First names, while most of the known local names are translated to Czech local names (Prag to Praha, Irglau to Jihlava etc). In the case the Germanized local name is not identified, keeps the orginal German spelling.

You can search by person´s last name, first name, year of birth and place of birth.


Databáze Čechů nasazených v Norsku

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