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Who are the Noráci?

Noráci – Czech men who where sent to forced labour to Norway during World War II.
There were 1,300 of them.
The Czech-Norwegian Memorabilia project develops bilateral cooperation between the Department of Scandinavian Studies at Charles University and the Institute of Modern History at the University of Trondheim in the field of Norwegian and Czech history in the first half of the 20th century. Thematically, the project focuses mainly on the fate of Czechs forcibly deployed in Norway during World War II.


3. 11. 2021
Exhibition Sent to the North in Teplice

The whole of November is an exhibition on display at the Regional Museum in Teplice. There are 12 information panels […]

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1. 11. 2021
Invitation to the Exhibition: 100 years of Czech-Norwegian Relations

We cordially invite you to an exhibition at the National Library in Klementinum. The panel - traveling exhibition can be […]

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31. 10. 2021
Pictures from Norway Were Discovered in the Closet by Adult Daughters / The Story of František Vaňek from Jindřichův Hradec

František Vaněk (1914) worked in Kardašova Řečice in South Bohemia as a carpenter. He got a job to work in Nazi Germany […]

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29. 10. 2021
Construction of a Railway in Mosjøen in the Estate of Karel Pekař from Bradáčov near Tábor

In mid-October 2021, we received photos from Karel Pekař's grandnephew. The great-uncle was childless, and his extensive family left a photograph […]

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