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Who are the Noráci?

Noráci were called Czech men, who where sent to forced labour to Norway during World War II.
There were 1,300 of them.


29. 9. 2020
Noráci in the Bachelor Thesis

The topic of forced deployment of Czech workers in Norway was elaborated by student Gabriela Králová in her bachelor's thesis, […]

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29. 9. 2020
Jan Novotný and his Photo Memories

At the end of September, we received several photos from Jan Novotný's relatives. It is a memorial album, which this forced […]

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10. 8. 2020
Pictures from Finnmark

In August 2020, Anežka M. visited us and brought several war pictures from her grand-grandfather, who was an OT forced […]

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26. 7. 2020
Personal Files of Forced Labourers in Oslo, Norway

The National Archives of Norway in Oslo recently made archival documents from World War II available. A central file of forced […]

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