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Who are the Noráci?

Noráci – Czech men who where sent to forced labour to Norway during World War II.
There were 1,300 of them.


1. 12. 2020
Czechs in Trondheim

At the turn of 1942 and 1943, over 1,300 deployed Czechs passed through Trondheim in central Norway. Part of it […]

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14. 11. 2020
Repatriation from Narvik

After the end of the war in Norway, Czechoslovaks were concentrated in concentration camps for so-called displaced persons. They waited […]

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26. 10. 2020
Sources in Norwegian Archives

In Norway, there is a good part of documentation about the so called Czech Noráci. The vast majority of the papers […]

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26. 10. 2020
Norwegian Dissertation Thesis on Forced Labor (Including Czechoslovaks) in Norway

In October 2015, Gunnar D. Hatlehol defended his doctoral dissertation "Norwegeneinsatz 1940-1945. Organization Todt's workers in Norway and the degrees […]

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