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Who are the Noráci?

Noráci – Czech men who where sent to forced labour to Norway during World War II.
There were 1,300 of them.


3. 5. 2021
A Broadcast About "Noráci" on Czech Radio

On 22 May 2021 at 20.05, ČRo Plus broadcasts the premiere of a program about Czechs in Norway during the Second […]

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28. 4. 2021
Letters to Descendants - Request for Materials from Deployment in Norway

During April 2021, we mailed about 180 letters to the descendants deployed. We ask them if we could look into […]

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21. 4. 2021
One Hundred Years Since the Birth of Oldřich Svoboda: from Brno to Northern Norway

Mr. Oldřich Svoboda was born on April 19, 1921 in Třebíč. We were recently contacted by his now grandson from […]

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20. 4. 2021
Were Those Deployed in Norway Compensated for Forced Labor?

  The answer is yes. However, only those who survived the compensation paid after 1999. Applicants for compensation had to […]

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