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How was their life after the return to Czechoslovakia?

All the forcibly displaced workers from Czechoslovakia described the years in Norway as a loss of their best years under harsh conditions far from home.

On the other hand, being sent to Norway meant saving their lives. In contrast to other countries, Norway was one of the safest places. Out of in all 1366 Czech workers in Norway  four died, as far as documents tell. Noone risked carpet bombing from the Allies and the Germans treated on the whole Czech workers better in Norway than was the case in Germany.

After the homecoming the young men went back to their lives before the war and took up work again. Some went back to their studies. Around ten had brought Norwegian wives.

The memories from the war and stay in Norway were mostly kept private or in the family. As years went by they started searching for their comrades from Norway and organize gatherings. A few wrote down their memories. After the year 2000 around 240 forced workers asked for compensation.

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