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How many were they?

It is only recently that the number of Czechoslovaks forced labourers to Norway has been clarified. In 2012 the National Archive in Oslo make accesible the German war achive, also the the database of foreign workers of Organization Todt.

During the war there were in Norway 32.000 foreign forced labourers and almost 90.000 war prisoners. The archive is split up by the workers‘ nationalities, thus Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Danish, Soviet and Czechoslovakian workers have their own and separate sections.

In the Czechoslovakian section there are 1.534 cards for work related to 1.366 workers.

However the number of Czech and Slovak workers is not entirely certain as their archive cards may be hidden among other nationalities. The researchers have also registered Czechoslovak forced workers in Norway who have not been registered in the archive.

Two thirds of the forced labourers spent approximately two years in Norway, i.e. from autumn 1943 to summer 1945. Several hundreds were in 1944 displaced from Norway to Germany for work there. Tens of Czech workers escaped from forced labour to Sweden and one hundert did not return after  holidays back home. After the war approximately 800 Czech workers were repatriated from Norway from forced labour.

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